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The BBF is a privately funded family (501C3) charitable Foundation created in 2004 by Barbara and H. Michael Barrett. It is intended as an ongoing and living tribute to their mothers Juanita Bateman and Betty Barrett who instilled in them Christian values of compassion and care for others. The Foundation entrusts the future of this family enterprise to their children to continue the vision of this family legacy.

In 2006 the BBF joined a national Catholic federation of other charitable organizations called FADICA (Founders and Donors Involved in Catholic Activities) located in Washington, D.C. Our membership in this Catholic community has broadened our vision of Catholic philanthropy in America and strengthened our resolve to respond, in some small measure, to the manifold needs still extent in our great country. It is our response to Almighty God for the blessings He has bestowed on the Barrett Family.

The example shown by our fellow members in FADICA has shown us new and more effective ways to practice the good stewardship required of the Lord's disciples so that we might more effectively help build up the Kingdom of God on the earth.

While priority is given to Catholic Programs from Middle Tennessee applications from other like-minded 501C3 charitable organizations are welcomed and receive a fair hearing.

All applicants must submit a written application form that is made available on this web site; a recent budget showing their activities and proof of a 501C3 status.

The Board of Directors meets quarterly and accepts applications throughout the calendar year. Applicants are notified promptly after the Board of Directos has made a decision in their regard.

Lastly, the BBF follows the models of Catholic philanthropy already in place and partners with other Catholic organizations in advancing the mission of the Church in America.

Barbara and Mike Barrett


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