Parts and Services

KAMY provides free equipment consultations, used equipment search and brokering services, machine rebuilds, custom engineered solutions and more. KAMY along with expert technicians with decades of hands on experience with mechanized cutting equipment makes us the ideal source for new and/or reconditioned machinery.

Antraquip understands the importance of after sales technical support and a readily available supply of spare parts. Proudly being North America’s only manufacturer of roadheaders and hydraulic cutting attachments, Antraquip has a full team of engineers, service technicians and overall support network available 24 hours a day. Despite an extensive dealer network that can offer after sales service, Antraquip recognizes that is critical to be available to support its dealers and their customers any time it is needed. Antraquip service technicians are available to travel to any jobsite throughout the world as required to assemble, consult and train onsite personnel.

Spare Parts/Cutter Bits/Cutter Head Services

Whether it is a billion dollar tunnel project or a small local sewer project Antraquip is committed to having spare parts in stock at one of their locations in the USA to ensure minimal downtime of any Antraquip supplied equipment. Items such as cutter bits (picks) and most other items can be offered and shipped the same day as ordered.

Repair/Modernization/Overhauling of other International brand equipments

KAMY offers servicing of other brand roadheaders also. You just need to send us the drawings and we counter-offer. We manufacture spare parts based on approved design and drawings. If you need man-power assistance, our service assistance team is readily available to travel.

Your machines can be overhauled and modernized according to changing operating or site conditions and will look and operate like brand new ones, complete with updated certifications and approvals. Repairs and upgrades of machines and components are covered by an individually agreed warranty.

A team of more than thirty engineers and technicians is constantly working on the design of new machines and the development of our established product range. The efficiency and build quality of our machines have been tried and tested at mines and construction sites under the most severe operating conditions.

KAMY's range of products is based on technical experience gained over many years, combined with a strategy of ongoing innovation and development. As a machinery and equipment manufacturer, KAMY sees its primary objective in providing an efficient and reliable service to its customer base. The developed machines, technical systems and processes are all geared to meet the needs of the customers and to enhance the productivity and safety of their operations.

KAMY is supplying state-of-the-art products, tailor-made solutions and services. Quality is the key to the KAMY success over these years – everything produced is designed for high operational availability, durability and efficiency. KAMY is committed to flexibility and punctuality in delivery schedules. All machines and equipments undergo a strict quality control process prior to leaving the factory. KAMY is accredited to : ISO 9001:2005.

In 2011, KAMY and German BETEK Company entered into a technical collaboration for Research, Development and New Innovations. We continue to excel together.